Cardboard Japanese Masks (1930s)
Cardboard Japanese Puzzle, Style 1 (1950s)
Cardboard Japanese Puzzle, Style 2 (1950s)
Cardboard Kinoscope (1930s)
Carnival Hoop-la Game (1940s-1950s)
Carny Patches, Set of 6 (1960s)
Cars in the Mountains, Set of 3 Postcards (1940s)
Cartoon Coasters, Set of 4 (1940s)
Case Eagle Shirt (1960s)
Casino Matchbooks, Set of 8 (1950s-60s)
Casino Matchbooks, Set of 4 (1950s-60s)
Cat Patches
Cattle Patches
Cave of the Mounds, Wisc. Pillow Cover (1940s-50s)
CB Nut Cap
CB Nut Patch 3"
CB Patch 3-1/4"
Celluloid & Fur Monkey on Camel (1950s)
Celluloid and Cloth Football Player (1930s-1950s) 8"
Celluloid Bucking Bronco in Original Box (1950s)
Celluloid Carnival Cutie (1940s-1950s)
Celluloid Carnival Doll (1940s-1950s) 7"
Celluloid Carnival Doll on Cane (1940s-1950s)
Celluloid Cowgirl & Cowboy -sold as a pair- (1950s)
Celluloid Football Charms, 1 Dozen (1930s)
Celluloid Football Players (1930s-1950s) 4" - 4 1/2"
Celluloid Football Players for Buttons (1930s-50s)
Celluloid Merry Go Round (1930s)
Celluloid Parakeets, One Pair (1930s)
Celluloid Parrot on Swing (1930s)
Celluloid Rocking Crazy Duck in Box (1950s)
Ceramic Bird (1950's) 2"-3"
Ceramic Bird (1950's) 2"-3"
Ceramic Camel (1950's) 2"-3"
Ceramic Cats (1950's) 2"-3"
Ceramic Elephant (1950's) 2"-3"
Ceramic Pigs (1950's) 2"-3"
Ceramic Puppies (1950's) 2"-3"
Certified CB Nut Patch 3"
Chalkware &Ceramic Prizes
Champ Tennis Patch 3"
Changing Spots Magic Trick (1940s)
Changing Spots Trick (1930s)
Charley Weaver Fan Card (1960s)
Charley Weaver Fan Card (1960s)
Charolais Patch 3-1/2"
Cheap Laffs Book (2004)
Cherry Pies and Hamburger Plates
Chesterfield Cigarettes Tin Sign (1950s)

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