Fortune "Tellor" Fish, Smaller Size, Style 2 (1930s)

Wonderful Japanese penny toy in a delicate tissue paper envelope measuring just 1-1/2" x 2-1/2", back marked "Made in Japan," a classic and particularly charming in this tiny size, will "Teller" mispelled as "Tellor." Hold the fish in your palm while his movements designate your fortune described on back of envelope. We also have a other versions of this item; see items 5027, 5028 and 5029. Ours are made in Japan in the 1930s and come in a delicate tissue paper envelope. These should NOT be confused with the later Taiwanese versions that are packaged in a plastic enclosure. So if you are picky about your Fortune Telling Fish, buy ours . . . the original 1930s Japanese versions.