Small State Shield Patches 2-1/4"
Smaller Mystery Calculator (1950s)
Smile Love Jesus Patch
Smokey w/Ears CB Patch 3"
Snoopy "Red Baron" Stuffed Toy (1950s -1960s)
Snow Skiing Patch 3"
So Cal Expo Pin-Back Button (1950s) 1-1/4"
So California Exposition Patch 3"
So California Good Sam Club Patch 4"
Soccer Eagle Patch 3"
Soccer Patch 3"
Soccer Patch 3"
Soccer Patch 3"
Soccer Patch 3"
Soccer Patch 3-1/2"
Soccer Patch 4"
Soda Fountain & Ad Art Posters
Soda Fountain Posters
Soda Pop Matchbooks, Set of 8 (1930s-60s)
Soon Flyin' Marijuana Patch 3"
Sooner Dog (1950s)
Southern Exposure Comic Postcard (1950s)
Southern Pacific Lines Patch 5"
Souvenir of the Fair Pin-Back Button (1950's) 1 1/4"
Souvenir Pin-Back Button (1900) 1 1/4"
Souvenirs, Postcards & Pillows
Sox Patch 3-1/4"
Space Age Popcorn Box (1950s)
Space For Rent Patch 3"
Space Light (1970s)
Space Themed Transfer Pictures Displays, Set of 6 (1950s)
Sparkling Match Display (1950s)
Special Events Buttons
Spencer's All-Wheat Box (1930s)
Spilled Imitation Ink Blot (1950s)
Sports Memorabilia
Sports Patches (Page 1)
Sports Patches (Page 2)
Sports Transfer Tat-oos Books, Set of 2 (1950s)
Springer Spaniel Patch 2-1/2"
Spud Fish & Chips Matchbook (1960s)
Square Astrological Patches 3"
Squirting Baby (1950s)
St. Bernard Patch 3-1/2"
St. Bernard Patch 4-1/2"
St. Patrick Button (1950s) 1-1/4"
St. Patrick Day’s Pin-Back Button (1950's) 3 3/4"
St. Thomas Pillow Cover (1940s-50s)
Stainless Steel Watchband (1950s)
Standard Oil Matchbook (1950s)

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