Horseshoe Patch 3-1/4"
Horseshoe Players with Beer
Hot Ciggy Display (1950s)
Hot Springs, Arkansas Pillow Cover (1940s-50s)
Houston Oilers Pennant (1967) 29"
Houston Oilers Rose Bowl Pin-Back Button (1970's) 1 3/4"
Huge Glass Showcase (1930s)
Hula Girl Sugar Promo Booklet (1950s)
Humber Patch 5"
Hunt Patch 4-3/4"
Hunter-Jumper Horse Patch 4-1/4"
Hunting Patch 3"
Hurdle Jumping Patch 3"
Hurst Patch 5"
Hush Puppy Matchbook (1960s)
Husky Patch 3-1/2"
Husqvarana Cap
Husqvarna Cap
Husqvarna Patch 12"
Husqvarna Patch 12"
Husqvarna Patch 3-1/2"
Husqvarna Patch 3-3/4"
I Am A Sensuous Man Patch 3"
I'm Sorry Patch 3"
Ice Cream Bags, Group of 7 (1930s - 1950s)
Ice Cream Cones
Ice Cream Dishes, Sundaes, and Lemonades
Ice Cream Plates
Ice Cream Sandwiches
Idaho Souvenir Views (1950s)
Ike Pin-Back Button (1956) 7/8"
Illinois Rose Bowl Pennant (1964) 29"
Illinois Rose Bowl Pin-Back Button (1964) 1 1/4"
Illinois State Prison Postcard (1940s)
Imitation Butter (1950s)
Imitation Ink Blot (1930s)
Imp Bottle and Magical Block (1950s)
Imperial Council Shriners Pin-Back Button (1915) 1 1/4"
Indian Chief Iron-On (1940s)
Indian Chief Iron-On (1940s)
Indian Chief Matchbooks, Pair (1950s)
Indian Tomahawk & Peace Pipe (1960s)
Indiana Rose Bowl Pennant (1968) 29"
Indians in Colorado Postcard (1940s)
Inflatable Parrot (1950s - 1960s)
Inflatable Vinyl Reindeer (1960s -1970s)
Insect Mobile (1960)
Interpart Patch 5"
Iowa Pillow Cover (1940s-50s)
Iowa Rose Bowl Pennant (1957, 1959) 29"

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