Michelob Patch 4"
Michigan State Decal (1950s) 7"
Michigan State Rose Bowl Pennant (1966) 29"
Mickey & Minnie Mouse Boxed Bisque Set (1930s)
Mickey & Pluto Bisque (1930s)
Mickey Mouse Ceramic (1930s)
Mickey Mouse Ceramic Ashtray (1930s)
Mickey Mouse Colored Pencils (1930s)
Mickey Mouse in Boat (1930s)
Mickey Mouse Iron-On (1940s)
Mickey Mouse on Green Base Bisque (1930s)
Mickey Mouse Recipe Scrap Book (1930s)
Mickey Mouse Riding Pluto Bisque (1930s)
Midas Cap
Midas Patch 3"
Midway Pass (1950s)
Milk Bottle Magnets, Set of 5 (1940s-50s)
Miller Patch 4-1/4"
Miller Tires Cap
Mini Tools Key Ring Display (1950s -1960s)
Miniature Building Blocks (1930s)
Miniature Champagne Bottle Poppers (1950s)
Miniature Clipper Ship (1950s)
Miniature Coffee Pot (1950s)
Miniature Collie Patch 4-1/2"
Miniature Empire State Building Viewer (1950s)
Miniature Flashlight (1960's) 3"
Miniature Knife Key Chain (1960's) 3 1/2"
Miniature Lighter (1950s)
Miniature Rodeo Hats (1930s)
Miniature Silk UN Flags -set of 10- (1950s) 3"
Miniature Squirrels Set (1950s)
Miniature Straw Hats (1950s) 6"
Miniature Suitcase (1930s)
Miniature Sunglasses (1930s)
Miniature Tool Set (1960s)
Minnesota Golphers Decal (1950s) 3"
Minnesota Gophers Pin-Back Button (1950s) 1-1/2"
Minnesota Rose Bowl Pennant (1961, 1962) 29"
Minnesota Twins Patch 3"
Miss Peachy Cap
Miss Peachy Patch 3"
Mister Softee Truck Iron-Ons (1950s)
Mixed & Miscellaneous
Mixed & Miscellaneous Patches
Mobil Cap
Mobil Patch 3"
Modern Woodmen America Pin-Back Button (1920's) 1 1/4"
Modern Woodmen America Button (1920's) 1 1/4"
Modest Indeed Comic Postcard (1950s)

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