Beagle Patch 4-1/2"
Bear Taking Pictures CB Patch 3"
Bear Wheel Alignment Patch 3"
Bear Wheel Alignment Cap
Bear Wheel Alignment Patch 7-3/4"
Beechies Gum Store Display Tub (1950s)
Beep Beep Yurass Patch 3-1/8'
Beer and Deli Platter Chalkboard
Beer Matchbooks, Set of 5 (1950s-60s)
Beer Trick (1950s)
Beetle Bailey Cap
Beetle Bailey Patch (1960's - 1970's) 3"
Bell Cap
Bell Helmet Patch, 3-3/8"
Bell Patch 4"
Bell Telephone Matchbook (1930s)
Betty Boop Cardboard Mask (1930s)
Betty Boop Iron-On (1940s)
Betty Boop Poor Cinderella Sheet Music (1934)
Betty Cap
Betty Patch (1960's - 1970's) 3"
Beverage Patches
BF Goodrich Cap
BF Goodrich Cap
BF Goodrich Patch 3"
BF Goodrich Patch 3-1/2"
Bible Has Answer Patch 3"
Big 10-4 CB Patch 3-3/4"
Big Fish Postcard (1950s)
BIG LETTER California Postcards, Set of 6, 1940s
Biking Patch 3"
Bird Cage Feeder (1950s)
Bird Cage Paper (1950s)
Bird Cage Sand Perch (1950s)
Bird Care Booklet (1960)
Bird in Cage, 1950s
Bird Toy Chop Block (1950s)
Bird Toy Ladder (1950s)
Bird Toy Swing (1950s)
Bird Treat in Box (1950s)
Birds in Cages - Box of 12, 1950s
Bisque Baby in Basket (1930s)
Bisque Couple (1930s)
Bisque Dogs, Set of 3 (1930s)
Black & White Scotch Patch 3-1/4"
Black Ad Character Cadie Dust Cloth (1940s)
Black Baby Nodder (1960's) 4"
Black Man on Alligator Postcard (1940s)
Black Man Shooting Dice Matchbook (1940s)
Blandi's Market Paper Hat (1950s)

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