Knights of Pythias Pin-Back Button (1920's) 1 1/4"
Koehler Beer Bottles and Glasses
Korat Patch 3-1/4"
Kung Fu Patch 3"
LA County Fair Pennant (1940's) 29"
LA County Fair Pin-Back Button (1949) 1 3/4"
LA County Fair Pin-Back Button (1950's) 1 3/4"
Labor Day Celebration Ribbon (1923)
Labor Day/San Francisco Pin-Back Button (1960's) 1 1/4"
Labrador Patch 2-1/2"
Labrador Retriever Patch 4-1/2"
Lackland Air Force Base Pillow Cover (1950s-60s)
Lady Uncle Sam Iron-On (1940s)
Lafayette Cap
Lafayette Leopards Decal (1950s) 3"
Lafayette Patch 3"
Lansing, MI Luggage Label (1950s) 7-1/4"
Large Adams' Joke & Trick Display Sign (1957)
Large Christmas Stocking with Toys
Large Michigan Rose Bowl Pin-Back Button (1965) 3 1/2"
Large Ohio State Rose Bowl Pin-Back Button (1969) 3 1/2"
Large Rose Bowl Pin-Back Button (1960's) 3 1/2"
Large Stanford Rose Bowl Pin-Back Button (1971, 1972) 3 1/2"
Large State Shield Patches 3-3/4"
Larger Mystery Calculator (1950s)
Las Vegas Fremont Casino Matchbook (1950s)
Last Frontier Feature Matchbook (1950s)
Latin Quarter NY Postcard (1940s)
Laughing Mirror (1930s)
Laundry Matchbooks, Pair (1940s)
Laverda Patch 3-3/4"
Lee Tire Cap
Lee Tires Patch 3-1/4"
Legalize Pot Marijuana Patch 3"
Let 'Er Buck Button (1950s) 1-3/4"
Let 'Er Buck Pin-Back Button (1930's) 1 3/4"
Let 'Er Buck Pin-Back Button (1930's) 1-1/4"
Let Er' Buck Button (1930s) 1-1/4"
Let the Sunshine In Patch 3"
Life Endless Celebration Patch 3"
Lion Globe Firecracker Label (1950s)
Little Behind Comic Postcard (1950s)
Little Leaguer Iron-On (1940s)
Little Orphan Annie & Sandy Lusterware Ashtray (1930s)
Little Orphan Annie Boxed Bisque Set (1930s)
Livermore Rodeo Pennant (1970s) 30"
Local Yokel CB Patch 3"
Lone Ranger Iron-On (1940s)
Long Beach Formula 5000 Patch 4-1/4"
Long Beach Formula 5000 Pin-Back Button (1950's) 1 3/4"

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