Delta Patch 3-1/2"
Deluxe Toy Watch (1950s)
Democratic Convention Pin-Back Button (1960) 1 3/4"
Denim Astrological Patches 4-1/2"
Denim Motorcyle Patch 3-3/4"
Denver Postcard Folder (1940s)
Desk Calendar Pencil Sharpener (1950s)
Dewey for President Pin-Back Button (1948) 1 1/4"
Dexterity Puzzles, Set of 6 (1960s) 2-3/4"
Dia Hispano Americano Souvenir Ribbon (1930)
Dial Soap Box of Crayons (1970s)
Diamond Reo Cap
Diamond Reo Patch 2-3/4"
Diamond Tires Cap
Diamond Tires Patch 4-1/4"
Dick Tracy Iron-On (1940s)
Dinosaur Large Post Pins, Set of 3 (1980s)
Dirty Ol' Man Patch 3"
Disney PGA Golf Patch 2-1/2"
Disney Silly Symphonies Rug (1930s)
Display Box of 24 Batteries (1960s)
Displays, Packaging & Advertising
Dixon Mayfair Pennant (1970s) 30"
DKW Patch 4-1/2"
Do It In the Dirt Patch 4"
Doberman Pinscher
Dodge Cap
Dodge Cap
Dodge Chrysler Cap
Dodge Chrysler Patch 2-1/2"
Dodge Patch 10"
Dodge Patch 10"
Dodge Patch 2-1/2"
Dodge Patch 4"
Dodge Patch 5-1/4"
Dodge Patch 8"
Dodge Trucks Cap
Dodge Trucks Patch 3"
Dodge Van Patch 6"
Dodgers Pin-Back Button (1960's) 1 3/4"
Dog House Comic Postcard (1950s)
Dog Patches
Dogs Playing Poker Print, 1940s
Doll Faced Pajama Bag (1950s)
Dolly Iron-On 1940s
Domestic Shorthair Patch 3"
Don't Count on Luck Patch 3"
Donald Duck Nephew Charm (1950s)
Donít Worry Be Happy Signed/Numbered Print (1988)
Dopey Iron-On (1940s)

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