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L'il Abner GE Bulbs Display Package (1951)

GE Bulbs store display package featuring L’il Abner and the Dogpatch gang consisting of: 1) Large poster measuring 28” X 13-1/4”, 2) Newsprint four-page brochure, each page measuring 16” X 11-1/2”, 3) Cardboard sign “Yo’ Kin Plainly See Wif’ GE,” measuring 7” X 11”, 4) Sheet of six GE Bulb cardboard price signs with total size of 10-1/2” X 13-1/2”, 5) Cardboard mailing envelope measuring 12” X 14-3/4”. Various items imprinted “Copr. 1951 by United Feature Syndicate, Inc.” Has minor wear, but never been used. Click on photo to enlarge. We only have one of these, the only one we have ever seen.