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Claw Machine Prize Assortment (1930s-60s)

You may know them as claw machines, but carnival operators in the 1930s thru the 1960s called them “diggers.” The playing fields of these games were full of flashy prizes that always seemed to be just out of the reach of the player. Out of reach no more, we have put together this assortment of classic digger prizes at a special price of $239 (a value of more than $300 if purchased separately). Here's what you will receive: Field Glasses in original box (Japan), Pencil Sharpen Calendar in original box (Hong Kong), Toy Spy Camera in original box (Hong Kong) Chrome Pistol Lighter in original box (Occupied Japan), 1 pair of Jumbo Bakelite Dice in original box, Ceramic Puppies (Japan), Box of 6 rolls of Miniature Film (Japan), Miniature Flashlight (Hong Kong), Chrome Flip-Top Lighter in original box (Japan), Sailor Boy Doll with Celluloid Head (Japan), Celluloid Parrot (Japan), Chrome Bottle Lighter (Japan) Chrome Money Clip, Hard Rubber Fake Camera (Occupied Japan), Plastic Scottie Dog Pin (Occupied Japan), Metal Horse (Japan), Tiny Teddy Bear Brooch(Japan), Gnome Musicians Pin (Occupied Japan), Toy Watch on original card (Japan), Tin Cowboy Telescope on original card (Japan), Empire State Building Viewer in original box (Hong Kong), and a United Nations Pocket Knife (Japan).

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