18 Ad Character Patches (1960s - 70s)

Vintage Advertising Character Patch Collection – 18 pieces!

Here’s an amazing group of vintage advertising character patches featuring 18 different products! Here’s what you get in this wonderful package deal:

Fish Tires, 3-3/4” long; Mack Truck, 3-3/4” long; Bear Wheel Alignment, 3” diameter; Mobil Oil Pegasus, 3” diameter; Michelin Man, 3” square; Mary Jane Candy, 3” tall; Mr. Gasket Co., 3-1/4” tall; Miss Peachy, 3” diameter; Citrus Sam, 3” diameter; Armstrong Tires Rhino, 3” diameter; Tuscaloosa Water Dept., 4-3/4” long; Frontier Gasoline, 3” diameter; Lion Gasoline, 3” diameter; Hancock Gasoline, 4-1/4” long; Union 76 Minute Man, 2” diameter; Mr. Horsepower, Thrust Exhausts, 3” long; Mohawk Tires, 3” tall; Black & White Scotch, 3-1/4” wide.

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